3 mid-level Orioles prospects the Mets should start scouting in a potential trade

Mid-level Orioles prospects worth scouting in a potential pitcher for prospect deal.
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2) Leandro Arias

Falling one spot behind at number 15 on MLB Pipeline’s list of top Orioles prospects, Leandro Arias is 19-year-old infielder now in A-Ball after graduating from the FCL. For sure a work in progress, speed and a quality eye at the plate have been two of his better attributes as a professional ballplayer. Through 38 games this season, Arias has walked 19 times and struck out 26.

A .274/.383/.484 slash line with 12 doubles and 4 home runs in his first 149 plate appearances doesn’t immediately jump out. Truly, it’s the ability to get on base that makes him the most intriguing.

Like a lot of young players, Arias’ main position is shortstop, but the Orioles are trying him out at other spots. His defense hasn’t been strong. Errors aplenty have followed him. Listed at 6’1 and 155 pounds, he’s a teenager still growing into his major league frame.

Arias could fall into the same file as last year’s trade deadline deals for Marco Vargas and Jeremy Rodriguez. Although not high-profile players, they quickly made their mark in the minors for the Mets. Arias is the kind of kid you’d trade an inferior player for or have paired with a similar lower level prospect. The Orioles should view him as expendable.

Verdict: Arias and a similar prospect or two might be a decent haul for any of the available Mets pitchers.