Mets rookies who will officially take a job from 1 of these veterans in 2023

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The Vientos are blowing in favor of this Mets prospect 

As if translating his last name into Spanish, the winds are blowing in favor of Mark Vientos this year. Before being called up to the majors, Vientos was hitting at the best level of his career, leading the minor leagues in RBI and tied in home runs.

Vientos made a quick impact on the Mets lineup by knocking it out of the park in its first game against MLB's best team, the Tampa Bay Rays. "Swaggy V" as he is sometimes called, managed to ignite a depleted lineup and caused what many fans expected, a turning point of the season for the team.

Vientos has been seeing some action at third base, something that surprised many since he was expected at the DH position. Buck Showalter announced that Vientos is seen as a third basemen, which could be a move to boost his market value. However, he has too much value in a Mets lineup that lacks power.

Mark Vientos will eventually settle as the full-time hitter at the team's designated hitter position, leaving third base to Brett Baty. This will cause Daniel Vogelbach to be relegated to the bench. Given that he is a player with zero defensive skills, the Mets will have to place Vogelbach in trading blocks to be traded later in the season.