Mets have a phone call to make with the Brewers about pitching

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Why J.D. Davis and Dominic Smith could be fits for the Brewers

Davis and Smith would each fit in well with what the Brewers currently have on the roster, especially with the DH possibly on its way to the National League. Davis could easily take on that role with Smith filling in the gap at first base. The team hasn’t gotten much consistent offense at first base for several years now. While Smith could just as easily end up as another disappointment, he could also turn into a pretty good player at the position.

And even if a one-for-one trade isn’t in the cards, there are other pieces we could see get involved. Many of the Brewers’ relief pitchers would look nice wearing Mets’ orange and blue. We’d also have to expect any even somewhat expendable Mets prospects or younger arms (such as David Peterson) to create at least a little intrigue for Milwaukee. After all, if they’re trading a pitcher away maybe they’ll want someone back in return.

There’s no “perfect trade” for us to come up with without knowing exactly where the front offices’ heads are at. The Brewers didn’t do much before the lockout to suggest they’re going to do anything dramatic. The Mets, on the other hand, have done plenty to indicate they’re willing to trade the players mentioned and do it to acquire a starting pitcher.

Would a Davis for Lauer deal work for both clubs? Davis is a poor fit for the Mets and very unlikely to start in New York. Lauer, on the younger side, is at best the fourth starter in Milwaukee. They could find a way to replace him.

I’m curious to see if the Mets can get any major deal done with the rest of the league continually blocking them from poaching staff—including the Brewers and David Stearns.

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