3 trade targets on the Rockies to fill 3 different spots

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3) NY Mets can trade for Rockies closer Daniel Bard for late inning relief

My least favorite of these trade targets simply because the Mets already have enough late-inning righties, Daniel Bard is still someone to consider. The Rockies closer is having a fine year and should make some team very happy.

While not exactly ideal for the Mets, Bard should be on the radar with nothing locked on him. He is someone to keep a close eye on only if they suffer a major injury to the bullpen. There are too many other better moves they can make. The foursome of Edwin Diaz, Seth Lugo, Adam Ottavino, and Drew Smith is solid enough from a right-handed perspective.

Consider Bard a “reactionary” addition the Mets would only be in the market for later this month barring the worst. Trevor May should also return from injury giving them yet another right-handed reliever for those later innings.

A part of understanding baseball is knowing how quickly plans can change. The Mets should feel comfortable enough with the right-handed options they have even beyond the players already mentioned. Colin Holderman can give them good depth and Trevor Williams is a nice long man to keep in the bullpen when the starters are healthy.

If a worst-case scenario pieces of news slips in, the Mets could come signing a ballad for Bard.

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