3 Cubs players the Mets should already be scouting for a trade

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NY Mets Trade Target: Drew Smyly

The final trade target that the Mets should look into ahead of the Trade Deadline is Drew Smyly. With the Mets having several injuries in the starting rotation, acquiring one at or ahead of the deadline is a very smart idea, as whoever they acquire would serve as a placeholder until their starters return to health, as well as much needed insurance.

Like Robertson, Smyly is a veteran who doesn't have a place in the team's plans for the future. So, the team would be better served to sell him to the highest bidder, in order to add some prospects who could potentially help in the future. While Smyly won't bring the Cubs back a ton, trading him will save money, and will bring back younger assets.

Smyly would provide the Mets with nice depth at a very reasonable price. While he will not put up eye-popping numbers, he'd provide the Mets with another left-hander, and someone who can eat innings and serve as quality depth and insurance.

All three of these players are options to keep an eye out for ahead of the Trade Deadline. While the Mets should definitely be interested in them, it is likely that even if the Mets don't get them, someone else will, as it's beneficial for the Cubs to move on from each of these three and to look towards the future.

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