3 biggest Mets success stories of 2023

In a year to forget for the Mets, there are still some positives to build upon.
Miami Marlins v New York Mets - Game Two
Miami Marlins v New York Mets - Game Two / Elsa/GettyImages
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Francisco Lindor had another great season for the Mets, and made some history along the way as well

Francisco Lindor's first Mets season in 2021 was one to forget, as many fans were expecting more from a player that had just recieved a massive 10 year contract. While Lindor still hasn't regained his peak form from his early days in Cleveland, he just finished another successful season that shows better times are still ahead for the star shortstop.

Lindor hit for a respectable .254 on the season, playing in all but two of the Mets games this year. His .806 OPS was his highest mark since 2019, and he gave the Mets a reliable glove at shortstop as well. After hitting .230 and being the ire of fans across 2021, this was his second straight season of producing at a higher level.

More importantly, Lindor became a member of the exclusive 30-30 club this season, recording 31 home runs and 31 stolen bases in 2023. He is now just one of 46 players in league history to have accomplished this feat, putting him in rarified air with a feat that he can most likely repeat next season.

In order for the Mets to have any hope of competing in 2024, they will need another effort like this from Francisco Lindor. His reliability, power and speed are intangible to this lineup and if he can repeat this next season, the team should be in great shape to rebound from this awful year.