Mets Trade Rumors: Amended salary has made Yoenis Cespedes a target

Recent New York Mets trade rumors report other teams have inquired about the availability of Yoenis Cespedes. Does a deal get done?

Someone we thought we’d never see appear in any legitimate New York Mets trade rumors this winter has entered the conversation. Outfielder Yoenis Cespedes had his contract amended, reducing his salary to under $10 million guaranteed. If he stays healthy and performs, there’s a chance to earn back the rest of the approximately $20 million.

Due to this circumstance, Cespedes has now become a topic of Mets trade rumors.

According to these latest Mets trade rumors, teams have spoken to the Metropolitans about what it might take to acquire the slugging outfielder. Even after missing all of last season under some unfavorable circumstances we still don’t know the full story on, teams are apparently at least intrigued with the chance to acquire him.

This development is great for the Mets, but I’m not so sure it ever goes beyond anything more than a conversation between Brodie Van Wagenen and some American League general managers.

Anyone who acquires Cespedes would need to be prepared for an increase in his salary—unless of course, the Mets eat a portion of it. In which case, what business do they have trading him at all?

Considering this is the last year of his deal and he needs to earn back his original salary, plenty of people believe Cespedes will be more motivated than ever to get on the field and play at a high level. The next contract he gets may be his last. A good year at the plate could keep him in baseball a little longer.

The biggest question moving forward regarding Cespedes’ abilities should be how much he can even play the field. The Mets have no room to move him to first base thanks to Pete Alonso. This was a thought before The Polar Bear crushed his way into MLB history in 2019.

Cespedes only makes sense for a team with an opening at DH. As a failsafe, no team in their right mind should even consider acquiring him if they plan to put him in the outfield.

Several Mets trade rumors this winter have involved the team’s pursuit of shedding salary. Bad contracts belonging to Jed Lowrie and Jeurys Familia have been mentioned before. With Cespedes set to earn less in 2020, it’s now not so unreasonable to expect the Mets to actually find a suitor.

Actually finding a trade that works for both squads is a different story. The Mets aren’t known for eating salary. I suspect this would be a must in any trade.

If Cespedes does return healthy in 2020, the Mets will have a few other considerations to make as the season progresses. Right now, they have a plethora of position players. Assuming Jeff McNeil is their starting third baseman, this puts J.D. Davis on the bench. It further limits Dominic Smith’s opportunities to get occasional starts in left field, too.

Employing too many quality players is a great problem to have. Options are something not every team gets to have.

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At the very least, these Mets trade rumors involving Cespedes could open up a conversation with other teams about different players. In his second year as the general manager, it’s important for Brodie Van Wagenen to continue to create a relationship and establish himself as a man others in his position are willing to make a deal with.

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