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New York Mets: Five bold predictions for the 2019 season

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Prediction 4: At least 3 of the 5 members of the Opening Day rotation will miss a month due to injuries

You didn’t think this article was going to be all “sunshine and rainbows” as far as predictions go, did you?

 Well good for you if you didn’t.

Getting back to some form of plausible reality, I do think the Mets are going to hit a major roadblock in having five healthy starters go out and pitch effectively every week at some point this year. Based on the history of untimely injuries for this team, this shouldn’t be too far of a stretch to conceive happening.

All five of their projected opening week rotation starters have missed significant playing time due to injury in their past. Some with major conditions that have kept them out whole seasons even!

Who is to say that this couldn’t happen to at least three of them simultaneously in 2019?

Here is to hoping that Murphy’s Law doesn’t strike this upcoming year, but if it does, the front office is going to have to go into April with more than just a backup plan of Seth Lugo, Corey Oswalt and Kyle Dowdy to hold down their pitching rotation if disaster should strike.

Keep in mind that the Mets have used at least 12 different starting pitchers every year for the last three seasons. So stockpiling a few extra arms at affordable prices wouldn’t be such a foolish goal in February and March for Brodie Van Wagenen to aim for.