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Mets: Was Jeurys Familia the right choice for the bullpen?

By Joseph Romano
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Zach Britton

Britton has the best to offer of all of the free agent relievers, as he enters the season at the age of 31. He is the youngest of the relievers, other than Familia, and has accomplished more than the righty. He dominated in the closer’s role for the Orioles and also had a very nice showing for the Yankees after his trade to the Bronx.

Britton features a devastating sinker that can be described as heavy by opposing batters. Thus he induces a degree of weak contact as well as a multitude of broken bats. This was on display nowhere more than in 2016, where he completely outstripped his sub-one ERA from the two seasons prior. In 2016 he posted a 0.54 ERA and finished fourth in the CY Young race.

The two following seasons were not nearly as productive, as he had small injuries amount to limit him to only 37 innings total in 2017. While in 2018 he suffered an Achilles injury playing basketball, however, he rebounded nicely after his trade to the Yankees.

In the end, he resigned with the Yankees for a three-year $39 Million deal, averaging $13 million per year. An extra $9 million does not reflect the true disparity between Britton and Familia, as Britton is simply more talented. The Mets would have been properly compensated for their investment, as Britton was the gem of this past offseason class.

It should be stated that Familia and all these four players are good additions, but perhaps they could have gotten more return for their investment in someone such as Britton or Ottavino. Perhaps the Mets would not have signed Justin Wilson if they signed Britton.

The depth is more important for the Mets, as they did not have enough talent in the bullpen before these signings. The important thing to know is that the Mets are receiving the most for their investment.

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