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Mets: Was Jeurys Familia the right choice for the bullpen?

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Adam Ottavino

The 33-year-old New York City native put up an exceptional season in Colorado last season with a sub-one WHIP, sub-three ERA, sub-three FIP, and over 100 strikeouts in about 77 innings. This is one season, not an entire career, but it shows his true potential.

Ottavino has been a man plagued by injuries and he has thus not put as many innings on his right-arm that others of the same age have. Miller who is the same age has posted over 300 more innings than Ottavino, not even including his extensive postseason work. Comparatively, Familia has logged 352 innings on his arm, despite being four years younger. Ottavino posted 60 more innings, 413 in total.

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Ottavino, for many years, displayed much promise without actually accomplishing much. In his first three seasons, ages 26-28, he posted a rather consistent sub-4 FIP. His brilliant start to his age 29 season was derailed by a Tommy John surgery, which held him out for the rest of that season and most of the following season.

His first full season after recovering was a disastrous one in which he posted poor numbers, but after a full year back he was in excellent form. A move out of Coors Field would obviously bolster his numbers and without an excess of innings on his arm he is less likely to be injured.

Ottavino is maybe not the safest pitcher, but he certainly has more potential than Familia. Also, a three-year $27 million deal has a slightly less yearly average than what Familia received. The original projections for Ottavino were higher, so the Yankees did get a bargain here.

The Mets probably acted too hastily in signing Familia with all of these relievers still to be signed. Ottavino and the following player received more favorable deals for their salary than Familia might prove to be.