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Mets: Was Jeurys Familia the right choice for the bullpen?

By Joseph Romano
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Was Jeurys Familia the best choice for the New York Mets bullpen or should they have spent elsewhere?

With the offseason drawing to a close, the New York Mets can reflect upon an overly positive past few months. However, the one deal that stands out as a possible mistake, albeit a slight one, is the signing on Jeurys Familia.

Familia signed a 3-year $30 million contract during this past Winter Meetings. However, similarly, other quality relievers have received contracts of similar financial requirement or of less value. Furthermore, pitchers that are widely known to be superior in pitching ability, have also earned contracts that were not excessively higher.

This is far from deeming this signing as substandard, rather it is a simple suggestion and inquiry into the possibility of a contract that acquired more value for the money spent. Some names that must be part of this discussion are Andrew Miller, Adam Ottavino, Zach Britton and David Robertson.

All four of these players were signed by other clubs and all project to be productive, just as Familia does. Other names such as Kelvin Herrera, Joakim Soria, and Joe Kelly might surface in a conversation such as this, yet they are simply not as talented as the five players under consideration.

While this may seem to be a minor gripe and one might accuse me of being a nit-picker, it should be said that getting the proper value in return from a contract is vital. A team such as the Mets, who do not have infinite funds, cannot afford to squander extra money on a player that will provide a level of production that can be had for a lower price.

Along the same line, such a team should be aggressive when approaching free agency and not be timid in pursuing a superior player for a few more million per season. Here the merits of each pitcher will be analyzed and it will be determined if Familia is a correct choice as compared to the previously mentioned pitchers.