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New York Mets: All-time top 10 moments in franchise history

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#8 The No-Hitter

A particular stigma that irked Mets fans for many years was the fact that regardless of all of their historical pitching talent, including Dwight Gooden and Tom Seaver, they were yet to throw a no-hitter.

On the first of June 2012, such fears over never achieving one were assuaged in Johan Santana‘s last act of glory for the Mets and the MLB. This game may have compromised his recovering shoulder, but he made a sacrifice that will never be forgotten by the Queens-faithful.

Johan Santana was once a true ace and a veritable joy to watch for any baseball fan. His career was impeded by and eventually drawn to a close by a vast and unceasing occurrence of injuries. He could no longer withstand the aches and pains of pitching in the major leagues with a compromised shoulder.

He provided the beleaguered Mets with plenty, however. No performance more present in the mind than the last Mets victory at Shea Stadium and his incredible no-hitter. The no-hitter defied logic, throwing that many pitches off a severely damaged shoulder is not advisable, but it was done.

Santana hurled 134 pitches with five walks, eight strikeouts, and most significantly no hits in nine full and exhausting innings. Two moments were extremely close, however.

Ironically the first was a beaming line drive off of the bat of former Met Carlos Beltran. His liner seemed to kick up chalk on the third base line, yet was ruled foul. Remember this was a world devoid of instant replay.

The other was a miraculous and dangerous catch by Mike Baxter; a local Flushing kid, who ultimately saved the day. He awkwardly caught the ball and stumbled shoulder-first into the glowing yellow W.B. Mason sign. Just like Santana, Baxter sacrificed himself for this moment.

Santana’s 134th pitch struck David Freese out and made history reality. This was a pivotal moment in a forgettable season. More than anything the efforts and sacrifices made at this moment tell a profoundly sad story that will not soon be forgotten.