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Mets: Biggest weaknesses heading into the 2019 season

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4) Back end starting pitchers

It’s easy to say the Mets have arguably one of the best trios of starting pitching in the entire league in Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, and Zack Wheeler but what happens after that? Right now we’re looking at Matz as the number four followed by a competition between Jason Vargas and Corey Oswalt.

We remember Matz as the young kid to get called up and got a few RBIs in his debut and then pitched the Mets into the world series back in 2015 but that was then.

Matz is coming off a season with a record of five wins and eleven loses to go with his 3.97 ERA. There were not many times last year that Mets fans felt comfortable with Matz on the mound hence why he finds himself at the end of the rotation.

The final spot for starters is not anything fans want to speak about. You got Vargas who was nothing more than a disappointment last season after signing with the Mets. It doesn’t get any better with his competition being Oswalt who pitched in seventeen games last year, twelve as a starter, and had a 5.95 ERA in those games.

You do not need aces at the back of the rotation but what you need to get from your four/five starters are quality starts. No matter how good you have it at the top of the rotation its the bottom of the rotation that can hurt you each and every time when they are on the mound.

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These weaknesses may hold the Mets back this season from a postseason berth. There still some time to address these needs but from the latest report from the Wilpons who knows what moves will or will not be made.