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Mets: Biggest weaknesses heading into the 2019 season

By Michael Carballeira
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2) Base stealers

The Mets ranked 20th in the MLB in stolen bases and with that being said its obviously hard to score. The team leader in steals was Amed Rosario at twenty-four stolen bases and the next highest was Brandon Nimmo with just nine.

When you look at Rosario twenty-four stolen bases is decent but now your stolen base leader has a sub .300 OBP so he doesn’t have many chances to steal.

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Think back to when times were good for the Mets back to around 2006, Reyes was a legit leadoff batter who got on base and would then steal second base and sometimes even third base. Regardless whenever Reyes got on base there was a very high chance he was going to score.

Nimmo gets on base a good amount with his .404 OBP but is not known as a base stealer. So unless they could combine Nimmo and Rosario’s skills then it looks to be as if the Mets will be in the bottom tier of the league in stolen bases.

3) A lefty threat in the bullpen

As I said earlier the Mets did upgrade the bullpen with Diaz and Familia as well as already having Robert Gsellman and Seth Lugo but there is just one problem; they’re all righties. The Mets are lacking the lefty specialist that a lot of strong bullpens have.

This has been a problem for a few seasons now as recently all they really had as a legit lefty was Jerry Blevins. Now Blevins was solid but dealt with injuries. Even when Blevins was healthy he was the only lefty in the bullpen for the Mets so teams knew if a lefty came in that it would be Blevins.

Yes, they did just sign Justin Wilson but he has not played a game yet with the Mes so we can’t make judgments if he is legit for them or not. As of right now the rest of the lefties in the bullpen are Luis Avilan and Daniel Zamora.