How the Mets infield in 2019 compares to the rest of the NL East

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The New York Mets will open 2019 with an infield much different from last year. How does it stack up in the National League East?

Early last week, New York Mets General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen made headlines with his comments regarding the team’s position within the National League East division. After the press conference to introduce the newest member of the Mets, Jed Lowrie, Van Wagenen told reporters that the rest of the division can “…come get us.”

This comment has been received in multiple ways by fans. Some believe it can be used as “bulletin board material” for other teams in the division, who will use it as added motivation, while others were fired up by the comment and believe it will serve as a catalyst for the Mets’ success in 2019.

The Mets have made a handful of creative moves this offseason through trades and signings. The majority of these transactions have included players that add depth to what was a questionable infield.

There are some who question Van Wagenen’s plan for the infield, as it seems at first glance there are too many players who would need to split time at each position. However, the Mets have a recent history of seasons plagued by injuries, and depth is going to be essential moving forward.

There is no doubt that the infield going into Spring Training is much better than that of last season. Nevertheless, there are four other teams in the NL East that also made infield improvements.

So, what is the plan for the Mets’ surplus of infielders, and how does the situation in Queens compare to those within the division?

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