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Mets: Todd Frazier best and worst case scenarios for 2019

By Nick Scheurer
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Best Case Scenario

In a best case scenario, Frazier rebounds and becomes the same player he was a few years back. He slashes .235/.320/.444, hits 30 home runs, plays good defense, and even swipes 10 bags.

It’s easy to forget how good Frazier can be given his poor 2018 performance. But, let’s remember he was injured for a good portion of last season and was placed in the middle of an anemic offense incapable of producing runs with or without him.

Perhaps, in the final year of his two-year contract, Frazier will stay healthy and rise again to become the slightly above average player we were expecting last year.

It’s not hard to predict what Frazier’s best case scenario stats will look like since he has been pretty consistent throughout his career minus 2018. Vintage Frazier hits for a low average, gets on base at an okay clip, and produces good power while playing reliable defense.

The numbers we can expect in this scenario along with his leadership and likable personality will make Frazier similar to a Curtis Granderson type for the Mets. Granted, playing third base and hitting from the right side.

Granderson, like Frazier, came to the Mets via free agency after playing for the New York Yankees. Both players were awful in their first year with the Mets, causing fans and executives alike to wonder about the roles they’d play in their upcoming seasons.

Granderson, as we all know, bounced back and became an integral part of the Mets’ 2015 World Series run.

Given their similar molds, who’s to say Frazier won’t do the same exact thing in 2019?