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MLB Commissioner for a Day: What rules changes would you make?

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Blown saves

The blown save is eliminated as a statistic. Any reliever that allows the opponent to tie a game is charged with a blown lead.

Inherited Runners

In order to get credit for stranding a runner, a reliever must either finish an inning or leave the game with the runner on the same base as when he entered the game and get at least one out.

For example, if Jerry Blevins entered a game with a runner on second and no outs, he would have to either get two outs without the runner scoring or get one out without the runner advancing to third.

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Lefty-specialists have been getting credit for stranding runners in games where they have not contributed anything positive to the inning. If a reliever walks the only batter he faces, he should not get credit for stranding anyone.


Shifts are allowed. Stop arguing about this. Remember the 1969 World Series, when Gil Hodges moved 2B Al Weis into the outfield when Frank Robinson was up, to decrease the chances of an extra-base hit. I love the creativity.

Trade/Free Agent Moratorium

As many are demanding right now, I will institute a moratorium on major league trades and free agent signings from the last day of the Winter Meetings until March 15.

Minor leaguers may be signed, traded, sold, or released any time except December 20-January 10.

Minor Leaguer Salaries

As many people are calling for, all minor league players must earn a legitimate living wage, so they do not have to get offseason jobs to support themselves and their families. This money comes from a fund jointly supported by the teams and the MLBPA.


All new stadiums must have retractable roofs that can withstand extreme weather events.

All current venues must have the playing field expanded by pushing the fences back and/or raising the fences to allow for more balls in play.