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Mets Offseason: Relief pitcher options still available on the market

By Joseph Romano
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David Robertson

Another subject of the free agency rumors surrounding the Mets, David Robertson is the epitome of a solid veteran reliever. He is reliable and experienced and is a perfect fit for any contenders. He would likely come at a price of $10-11 million per year, for about three years.

The only issue here is he may not be the best option for a team that is seriously lacking in bullpen depth. Of course, he is an above average reliever that would do well with the Mets, there are better fits for that eighth inning role.

However, no Mets fan can complain about this signing, if they were to go through with it.

Final Thoughts and Predictions

The consensus here is that all available pitchers are great options and the Mets would be fortunate to have any pitching in an eighth-inning role. However, some options are more talented than others and some are better fits than others.

An ideal order for the Mets would be Zach Britton as a first choice, Ottavino second, Miller third, and finally Robertson.


Zach Britton Phillies  4 years $50 Million

Andrew Miller Mets 3 years $30 Million

Adam Ottavino Yankees 3 years $36 Million

David Robertson Astros 3 years $27 Million

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