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Mets: A trade target from every MLB team to target this winter

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Baltimore Orioles – Jonathan Villar

Talk about a messy situation; no team has been worse in 2018 than the Baltimore Orioles. They need a major overhaul which would involve trading anyone they can. Although I don’t think he’s available, the Mets should inquire about Jonathan Villar.

Villar’s up and down offense keeps him front costing a lot via trade. One area where he has consistently excelled is with stolen bases. As a backup infielder with switch-hitting abilities, the Mets would land one of baseball’s fastest players. He’s everything they hoped Jose Reyes could remain in 2018 without the unwatchable batting numbers.

Boston Red Sox – Blake Swihart

Another lesser name for the Mets to consider, Blake Swihart is a Boston Red Sox outcast the organization would like to move on from. Once a highly-touted catching prospect, Swihart is more of a utility man with no real position.

How does this work for the Mets? Well, they could use him as a backup catcher or experiment in other ways. At only 27 next year, it’s too soon to give up on a guy who may not have gotten a fair chance.

New York Yankees – Sonny Gray

A trade between the Mets and New York Yankees usually has very little star power. With this in mind, the trade I’ve picked in this situation would involve the Yankees dumping starting pitcher Sonny Gray on the Mets.

The Mets aren’t in dire need of another starter, but why not allow Gray a chance to rebound in Flushing?

Tampa Bay Rays – Matt Duffy

Matt Duffy is someone I would actually like to see on the Mets. The light-hitting third baseman doesn’t have much power, which is perfectly fine. He can still hit and provide a boost to the team’s batting average in 2019.

The Tampa Bay Rays typically make odd moves so it wouldn’t surprise me to see him dealt. Todd Frazier is a free agent after 2019 anyway. It’s time to start looking at the future as soon as this winter.

Toronto Blue Jays – Luke Maile

From the “who the heck is that?” category I’ve added the name Luke Maile. A veteran catcher whose career as a backup looks quite underwhelming, Maile finally figures some things out at the plate in 2018. Could he be the Toronto Blue Jays player the Mets add?

The Blue Jays are stuck with Russell Martin for a little longer and would like to eventually hand the catcher job to Reese McGuire. Maile has no real future with them. As a member of the Mets, he could become a decent platoon partner with Kevin Plawecki or even win the job as a low-cost option for 2019.