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Mets: Three very different players they should considering trading this winter

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Dominic Smith

Where is Dominic Smith’s trade value right now? You would need to hang your head quite low to see it.

The former highly-respected prospect is now an afterthought in the Mets future. Peter Alonso has passed him as the future first base option. The short-lived attempt at converting him into an outfielder while giving him MLB at-bats is also damning.

Just because the Mets have lost faith in him doesn’t mean everyone else has. Smith is still young and a guy I believe others would look at as a young kid needing a change of scenery. One could easily make the argument that the Mets have handled him wrong. In the right environment, maybe Smith can become a big league player.

The Mets wouldn’t get much in return for Smith even if the other general manager was his mother. At best, I see a relief pitcher on an expiring contract on a team with a surplus of options. At worst, the Mets can get a guy who is another city’s version of Smith.

For Smith, the important thing is that he remains open to playing anywhere a team wants him to. I don’t believe his days in the corner outfield are over. His best value comes as someone who can hide at first base or in the corners. As a first base exclusive player, he’s a well-below-average player. When you add a little more positional versatility, we can excuse his poorer than desired bat.

The time to move Smith is this winter. Another underperformance and I’m afraid the Mets won’t be able to get anything at all in return.

There doesn’t seem to be a spot for Smith anywhere on the 25-man roster going forward. Even if they think they’re losing the deal, why keep a guy around when you have no plans for him?