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Mets: Three bad baseball teams who could trade for a Mets pitcher this winter

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One of the big four New York Mets starters could become trade bait this winter. There are three bad baseball teams who may even consider buying.

At the 2018 trade deadline, the New York Mets avoided drastic measures. They didn’t deal any of their starting pitchers despite countless rumors of shopping each. The wise decision has opened up more opportunities.

While this does set up nicely for a good rotation in 2019, it guarantees nothing.

This winter could be the time when the Mets unload one of the four starters. That’s because bad teams with good prospects can now join in the shopping spree. I love this notion. The teams the Mets could deal with in July were a limited bunch. Now, everyone is a possibility.

A big reason why I don’t think the Mets unloaded any of the starters is because the best farm systems belong to very bad baseball teams. There are a few exceptions, however, the majority of minor leaguers or young available players are members of sub-.500 ball clubs.

For the Mets, this means we could see new bidders in the offseason. Every single baseball team could use a new starting pitcher. The advantage the Mets have is that they can offer everything from an ace to a reliable mid-rotation arm. None of them cost a whole lot of money. All the Mets ask for in return is a brighter future.

Three consistently bad teams stand out as the most favorable matches to make such a trade. You never know, though. We may find new suitors from out of nowhere.

As of now, I like these three teams the most.