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Mets: Four reasons they need to stay away from big contracts in 2019

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Nobody in the free agent class fits in perfectly

Machado could play shortstop and Amed Rosario could move to second base, yes. The Mets could find room for Harper somewhere in the outfield, of course. Why not add Craig Kimbrel to become the closer or make A.J. Pollock the center fielder?

They’re all good arguments except none of those stars fit perfectly with this team. Add them into the mix and you may end up with a disgruntled veteran.

Lesser notable free agents, let’s even include Pollock in that group, could become targets for the Mets. If an overpayment is required, it’s time to look the other way.

Machado and Harper fit in with a younger team ready to build a dynasty. Kimbrel is a missing piece for someone in need of a closer. The free agents the Mets should look at are on tier lower. They need to find the next Asdrubal Cabrera to give them three good years.

It’s too soon

Like a poorly timed joke about a current event which raises questions of whether or not it was insensitive, it’s too soon.

It’s too soon for the Mets to spend big. Their mission needs to gear toward the 2020 season. The 2019 campaign is meant for figuring out what they need before then.

Of course, the Mets could always catch lightning in a bottle and find themselves in the thick of a pennant race. If this happens, then the trade deadline is the time to find those missing parts. On Opening Day, however, it’s better if the team takes the field without any new albatross contracts.

By doing each of the points mentioned above highlighted in a bold, the 2019 season can get better. Maybe more important of all, it saves things from getting a whole lot worse.

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