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Mets: Four reasons they need to stay away from big contracts in 2019

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They cannot afford another Yoenis Cespedes contract

For now, the Yoenis Cespedes contract will stop the Mets from spending a few extra dollars. Insurance should pick up a portion of it. This still doesn’t mean the savings will funnel back into improving this ball club.

The Mets have already been burned by contracts paid to Cespedes and David Wright. I don’t blame them for being a little trigger shy when it comes to handing out another big deal.

Until this team looks like it’s right on the edge of claiming a championship, buying a big player doesn’t make too much sense.

One player does not change a baseball team

The MLB is nothing like the NBA. One player will not turn a baseball team into a playoff squad. So why spend a lot on one man to make your team only a few games better?

Instead, I want to see the Mets find the right players. They need to look closely at what they’re missing. The extensive list includes a bullpen, a right-handed stick, and someone who can hit for a high batting average.

Free agents fitting those descriptions will be available. It’s important the Mets skip over the flashy ones and aim for the practical men instead.