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Mets: Four reasons they need to stay away from big contracts in 2019

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Signing a big player to an even bigger deal is one way the New York Mets can hope to get better. Unfortunately, more could go wrong with this strategy in mind.

Spend. Spend. Spend. Everyone wants to see the New York Mets spend more money. Would forking over more money really help this team?

The Los Angeles Dodgers consistently spend in free agency and they have made one trip to the World Series. It ended in a loss to the Houston Astros whose rise to the top came a little more naturally through several seasons of tanking.

I don’t recommend the Mets tear it all down and finish in last place for a half-decade. In New York, that won’t fly. This city wants championships. When do they want them? Now!

I do, however, believe the Mets need to avoid big contracts next year. Several players are already due for raises. More money needs to clear from the books before they gamble on another guy.

The way this team spends money is unwise. Every free agent signing from the past offseason turned out poorly. You would think at least one would have at least performed up to expectations. Worst of all, there’s not much promise of any becoming a good deal either.

While I do understand and appreciate the passionate Mets fan who wants to see the Mets sign Manny Machado or Bryce Harper, it’s not logical. None of the free agents vying for big $15+ million deals next winter are worth adding. There isn’t just one reason either. I’ve found four so far.