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Mets could look to reunite with any of these three second baseman

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Who plays second base for the 2019 New York Mets? If they’re up for a reunion, they have a trio of players to consider.

Second base is one position the New York Mets may need to look at this offseason. Thankfully, next winter offers plenty of talent at the position for them to choose from.

Included in this group are three players they are familiar with. Though the Jay Bruce reunion has not worked out well, it shouldn’t stop them from at least considering another.

I’m not promoting the idea of bringing any of these guys back. I would much rather see Jeff McNeil at second base in 2019.

However, on a cheap deal, it could make sense to bring any of these guys back. At the very least, someone on the team next season gets a standing ovation.

Daniel Murphy

Daniel Murphy has spent the last few seasons beating up the Mets in a Washington Nationals’ uniform. In 2016, he was the runner-up in the MVP voting. Last year wasn’t nearly as phenomenal yet still far greater than the production the Mets got at just about every position.

Injuries have limited Murphy in 2018. I have no doubt he will come up with at least one big hit against his former team at some point.

Murphy’s tenure with the Mets didn’t end on the best of terms, but I don’t believe there’s enough bad blood to completely ruin the chance at the two sides reuniting. After all, they did bring back Bruce and Jose Reyes recently. The organization doesn’t appear to be one that holds a grudge.

Murphy may feel different about the situation. He’s the one the team gave up on. If anyone’s feelings are hurt, it’s his.

After his memorable postseason dominance, the Mets let him walk away for what has turned into a huge bargain for the Nationals. Surely, if the Mets offered Murphy anywhere near to what the Nationals ended up paying him, staying in New York would have been more intriguing.

On the other side of 30 with a body beginning to fail on him, Murphy isn’t a long-term solution for any club willing to sign him. It’s obvious that he is beginning to break down after blossoming into a star later than most.

Depending on how the rest of the Mets roster shapes out, Murphy may or may not be a fit for them in 2019. Familiarity with him, though, should help his cause.