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Mets Trade Deadline: Grading the July moves they did and didn’t make

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Keeping Zack Wheeler: B

We won’t know for sure what the Mets were offered for Zack Wheeler. Since they decided to hold onto him, we can assume it wasn’t anything too fantastic. Kudos to the rest of baseball for knowing what he is.

For this, I give the Mets a solid B for keeping Wheeler. Nobody was going to spend big on him. So, it makes more sense to keep him around for another year. At the very least, the Mets can hang onto Wheeler and shop him in the offseason.

Chris Archer‘s move to the Pittsburgh Pirates instead of the San Diego Padres may hint at one destination for Wheeler. However, I do believe the Padres would prefer a more controllable piece like Noah Syndergaard.

Nevertheless, the Mets have left their options open.

Wheeler has pitched fantastic this year over the last several weeks. His value will never be higher and it may all go wasted on a meaningless season. I understand this side of the argument. But is it the right one?

Unlike the moves the Mets did make, this one is covered in mystery. We heard several Mets trade rumors about teams having heavy interest in Wheeler. Ultimately, whatever they offered up, was not enough to tempt the three-headed general manager’s office.

The moves you don’t make are sometimes the best. In the case of trading Wheeler, we have to appreciate them holding onto him. This at least gives us some hope that they have a plan for next season.

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