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Mets: What can they do with the extra international pool money?

By Chris Rocco

In the recent Jeurys Familia trade, the New York Mets received a hefty $1 million in international bonus pool money. What can they do with that money?

In trades, most fans just focus on the players involved and their respective stats. Although it is important to understand the players, it is also important to know what other incentives are included. The New York Mets know a little about this.

In the recent Mets-Athletics swap that sent RHP Jeurys Familia to Oakland and minor leaguers William Toffey and Bobby Wahl to New York, a lesser known part of the deal was the $1 million in international bonus pool money sent to New York. This shouldn’t be lesser known, though. In fact, fans should view this as the centerpiece of the deal.

With the extra $1 million, the Mets have positioned themselves to sign top-of-the-line talent during the international signing period.

Omar Minaya, one of the three current “General Managers” said this regarding the money received:

"“The Mets have been aggressive internationally the last two years. this extra bonus pool money will be extremely helpful in acquiring potential top-flight talent.”"

Atop the international prospect list sits Victor Victor (no, it’s not a typo) Mesa. He touts excellent defense and speed in the outfield as well as excellent plate discipline against top-talent. Mesa has a lot of untapped potential and would be one of the most prolific Cuban baseball players to come into the MLB since Yoan Moncada.

Mesa comes at a high asking price, though. Fortunately for the Amazins, they are now in the range for him in large part due to the Familia trade.

The bottom line is, the Mets-Athetlics swap wasn’t just about Familia going to Oakland and Toffey and Wahl going to New York. It’s more so about the international pool money the Mets are getting in return.

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If a prospect like Mesa ends up signing with the Metropolitans, then they undoubtedly won the trade.