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New York Mets: 20 biggest disappointments from the 2018 season

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18) The Salt and Pepper gimmick wore thin fast

Todd Frazier brought his Salt and Pepper gimmick to the field early on this season. It was fun to watch, at first.

Then, as soon as the team began losing, it got annoying. We haven’t really seen anyone do it of late. That’s partly because there isn’t much to celebrate. The other part is because many of those who participated early on have missed a large portion of the season.

Hopefully, you’re not one of the people who bought Salt and Pepper merchandise. If so, you have a useful rag.

19) None of the rookies look like future stars

Name a promising rookie you’ve seen play for the Mets this season. I bet you can’t.

That’s because there are none. Yeah, Corey Oswalt looked good at times. Luis Guillorme also flashed some fine leather. Other than a game or two here and there, the rookies on this team have done little to nothing.

The same can be said of this team’s sophomores. It has been a while since the Mets have employed a really good young player who can remain consistent for more than one year.

With any luck, we see Jeff McNeil and/or Peter Alonso debut in 2018. Maybe they can end this curse.

20) There’s no obvious solution to fix this team

It’s easy to come up with 20 things wrong with this team. The harder part is coming up with one way to fix it.

There are too many bad contracts on this team’s payroll for me to even begin. Only the invention of a time machine could do the trick. They’ve dug themselves into a hole they cannot climb out of.

We can come up with a million different ways to help this ball club. I’m afraid it gets worse before it gets better.

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