New York Mets: 20 biggest disappointments from the 2018 season

Tim Boyle
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3) The reason for Sandy Alderson’s departure

Many people wanted to see Sandy Alderson fired this season. He’s no longer the team’s general manager, but for a different reason.

The fact that Alderson had to step down due to health reasons came as a huge surprise. From a baseball standpoint, it puts the Mets in a bad possession. From a human one, I feel sincere sympathy for Alderson.

The frustrations of the job surely didn’t help his health. Hopefully, Alderson recovers from this.

4) Yoenis Cespedes cannot stay healthy

On a far less serious health note, Yoenis Cespedes has been unable to stay healthy. His legs, hips, and every other muscle on his lower core have bothered him. What at first seemed like a small nagging ailment led to the big guy missing more than half of the season.

Clearly, without Cespedes in the lineup, the Mets are a meager offense. I don’t think they would have a shot at the playoffs if he had stayed healthy, but they would be far closer to .500.

With a salary totaling $29 million this year, Cespedes has been a major disappointment. Let’s hope for a healthier second half. And then two healthy years.

Wow. We’re asking for a lot.

5) Nobody can stay healthy

Cespedes isn’t the only player bitten by the injury bug. Just about everyone else has spent at least a little time on the disabled list. Juan Lagares and Travis d’Arnaud suffered early season-ending injuries. Jay Bruce should miss extended time as well.

Then there’s the mysterious case of Todd Frazier. An iron man in modern-baseball, he has made two trips to the disabled list this season. What’s going on?

Injuries are going to happen in sports. It just seems the Mets suffer more than anyone else. In their record, we see the side effects.