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New York Mets: Top five first baseman in franchise history

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1) Keith Hernandez

Longevity always helps a player become a legend in any franchise’s history. The situation is no different here.

First baseman Keith Hernandez made sure to stick around in New York for plenty of seasons to ensure no one could claim the title I’m giving him.

Thanks to those seven seasons in Queens and some really good seasons, Hernandez is the best first baseman in Mets history.

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How did he do it? Well, earning three trips to the All-Star Game certainly helped. The former MVP also won five Gold Gloves while with the Mets, showing he could play well on both sides of the ball.

Hernandez slashed .297/.387/.429 as a member of the Mets while also hitting 80 home runs. Though he never put up incredible numbers in the postseason, he was vital in getting the Mets there twice in his tenure.

Hernandez is valuable to the Mets in more ways than one. Now a member of the beloved broadcast team, he’s a family member today’s fans know better than ever.

There any many players in team history who have crossed over as many generations as this guy.

Thanks to the power of social media, he’s now a darling on Twitter who can bring us into his home and let us meet his cat.

Even without these wonderful personal moments from Hernandez, he is the greatest to play his position in a Mets’ uniform.

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