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New York Mets: Top five first baseman in franchise history

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4) Lucas Duda

Longevity certainly helps Lucas Duda find a spot on this list. For a franchise that seemed to change Opening Day first basemen frequently in its history, sticking around helps a player’s cause.

Much like Kingman, Duda struck out plenty of times for the Mets and offered up some nice power. Often playing first base and some left field, he eventually moved to the latter permanently in his final years with the Mets. The move seemed to help as he became a halfway decent hitter for them.

Duda played in 760 games for the Mets prior to his trade in 2017 to the Tampa Bay Rays. During this time, Duda slashed .246/.343/.457 with 125 four-base hits.

Although he never made an All-Star appearance, Duda did earn some MVP acknowledgment for his 2014 performance. He finished 22nd overall in the voting, which hardly registers.

Still, after a year of hitting 30 home runs and driving in 92, it was a nice way to finish the year.

Unfortunately, many Mets fans will remember Duda best for his poor defense in the 2015 World Series. His absent mind helped the Kansas City Royals take the series. Never one to play well in the field, it was a rough Duda memory for many to swallow.

I’m not so sure many Mets fans will ever look at Duda fondly because of this moment. In his eight seasons with the team, he never did much to win anyone over. Perhaps it says something about the franchise that he is the 27th ranked player in offensive WAR.