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New York Mets: Possible Zack Wheeler trade destinations

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New York Yankees

No list about the Mets and the 2018 trade deadline would be complete without mentioning the New York Yankees. Fans may want Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard. Would they settle with a guy like Wheeler?

Wheeler may make more sense for the Yankees. Since they don’t seem willing to part with Gleyber Torres or Miguel Andujar, a guy like Wheeler could make more sense.

The Yankees will likely add a starter before July 31 regardless of the uniform he wears right now. Someone of Wheeler’s ilk could give them a push over the Boston Red Sox.

Of course, for a trade between the Mets and Yankees to take place, hell may need to freeze over. Judging by the current temperatures in the Northeast during Fourth of July week, it seems unlikely.

A Wheeler swap to the Yankees is a lot safer than one involving either of the two aces. He’ll help them win a championship, but he won’t headline it.

Hypothetically, what if the Yankees offered Clint Frazier for Wheeler straight up? People on both sides may disagree. And they should. That’s one of the trickiest parts of any deal between the Mets and Yankees. Someone will always feel dissatisfied.

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