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New York Mets: Possible Zack Wheeler trade destinations

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If the New York Mets decide to trade Zack Wheeler, these three teams could use him.

Another year of selling for the New York Mets means another season of unloading their veterans. In a year which started off with so much promise, it’s an unfortunate ending.

One of the guys we didn’t expect to see them trade this year is starting pitcher Zack Wheeler. Over the last few starts, he has been fantastic and given this organization a new player to shop.

While we can all agree the Mets will trade Asdrubal Cabrera, Jeurys Familia, and other pending free agents, there is an argument for or against dealing Wheeler. He has another year of control left which means the Mets could have a reason to keep him.

Wheeler has had an up and down career. It’s not so much a rollercoaster as it was a drop of doom.

After two productive seasons, injuries sidelined Wheeler for two seasons. When he returned in 2017, we saw a weaker version of the former sixth overall draft pick. This year, we’re seeing the better version. Sadly, it may be too late to give him a future with the Mets.

Personally, I think trading Wheeler is a good idea. He’s already 28-years-old and not someone the Mets should bring back on a new deal once his arbitration years are over.

Furthermore, I expect someone to overpay for Wheeler’s services. Trade blocks around the league are short on talented starters. Wheeler could certainly intrigue plenty of teams.

The Mets need to make everyone they can available at this year’s trade deadline. As one of the few non-free agents after the year ends that they could reasonably deal, Wheeler may hold more value than others on this roster.