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Mets Three-Headed General Manager: The fast facts about each man

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John Ricco

John Ricco was the Assistant General Manager before his slight promotion on Tuesday. Ricco joined the Mets in 2004, moving to Flushing from a job with the MLB Commissioner’s office. In 2006, Ricco was promoted to Assitant GM under Omar Minaya and has remained in that role ever since.

Ricco did briefly assume the role of GM from October 4th, 2010 to October 29th, 2010, in between Minaya’s dismissal and Alderson’s hiring.

Minaya and Ricco worked well together for the most part. Minaya’s eye for talent and Ricco’s knack for getting things done analytically were almost made for each other. In 2009, a year before Minaya’s dismissal, The New York Daily News said of Ricco:

“Ricco’s background primarily is administrative and not in evaluating players – more along the lines of former GM Jim Duquette than Minaya. As a result, Ricco likely would need to lean on his deputies for recommendations.

That’s a formula that’s worked throughout baseball. Brian Cashman didn’t have a notable player-evaluation background before becoming Yankees GM. He learned that part of the business while depending on Gene Michael. Similarly, Andrew Friedman with the Rays, Theo Epstein with the Red Sox and Jon Daniels with the Rangers had academic, not scouting, credentials.”

A lot of people have been calling for the Mets to hand the GM to Ricco, rather than playing this three-headed shot caller game. The main argument here is that he’s the longest-tenured executive left, and he knows both how Alderson has shaped this team but also knows to how to make it more successful.

Ricco has been closer to the action than the others and might have the vision to take it where Alderson saw it going.

Interesting fun fact: John Ricco is originally from Cresskill, New Jersey and grew up a Yankee fan.