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New York Mets: Three early positive takeaways from the 2018 season

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Brandon Freakin’ Nimmo has All-Star potential

The 13th overall pick in the 2011 MLB Draft belonged to the New York Mets. With it, they selected outfielder Brandon Nimmo.

Up until this season, Nimmo was just a guy who looked like a nice bench piece. This season, he has shown a whole lot more.

Nimmo is quickly becoming a fan favorite in Flushing. His positive attitude is enough to turn a Mets’ losing streak into a watchable event. He plays hard, has fun on the field, and gives the Mets elements they don’t have.

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Specifically, Nimmo brings speed to the table. The team he plays for is one of the slowest in baseball. Not Nimmo. Although not a speed demon, he can swipe a base or leg out a triple when needed.

More importantly, Nimmo gets on base. His ability to draw walks is tremendous. In doing so, Nimmo has secured a spot at the top of the lineup.

Until recently, it looked like Nimmo had a chance to make a run at the All-Star Game. While weeks do remain before the midsummer classic, I don’t think he has the at-bats to get there.

Nevertheless, the future for Nimmo looks incredibly promising.

This season has featured plenty of bad at-bats from Mets hitters. Michael Conforto has been a dud and Jay Bruce is not the veteran presence this team wanted. Together, their production has been almost non-existent at times.

Thankfully, there’s Nimmo to pick them and the rest of the inconsistent offense up when they’re down.

All Nimmo needs is an opportunity to succeed. At 25, we’re seeing the beginning stages of what could become a promising career.

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The Mets need all of the help they can get. The performances of these three players in 2018 have made an otherwise bad year into one with a little bit of hope.