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Mets are better off trading Jacob deGrom in an offseason than regular season

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More Teams Means More Prospects

The different between summer trades and those in the winter. In the offseason, nearly everyone has the potential to land a star player in a trade.

Right now, there are plenty of teams who could use that extra boost of adding deGrom. They have a better farm system when compared to 2018 contenders.

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Hypothetically, let’s say the Toronto Blue Jays continue to struggle this season. They wouldn’t have any interest in deGrom now. In the offseason, their motivations change.

Making a trade for a stud like deGrom could completely turn their fortunes around. The Mets wouldn’t have the luxury of dealing with them if they are gung ho on making a trade deadline deal.

Let’s face it. Many of baseball’s bad teams right now have better farm systems than those at the top. Although this isn’t always the case, teams at the bottom of the standings often have more talent in their minor league systems.

By making a blockbuster deal in the winter, you have those prospects to choose from as well.

There is no science to making the best trades possible. It’s an art, subject to intepretation.

One thing I do know for sure is that if the Mets do decide to trade deGrom, they better search high and low for every available option.

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I do think one day they will eventually deal him. When it happens, there better be some franchise-changing talent coming back to Flushing.