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Mets Draft Review: Taking a look at the team’s first five picks in 2018

By Chris Rocco
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Age: 17

Position: RHP

School: Kempner High School (TX)

Height/Weight: 6’4″/210 lbs.

With the Mets’ second pick in the draft, they selected Simeon Woods-Richardson out of Kempner High School in Sugar Land, Texas. Woods-Richardson underwent a big transformation. Going into high school, he was short, skinny kid where many people would have laughed if they were told he was going to be drafted into the MLB.

Between Freshman and Junior year of high school, Woods-Richardson grew a lengthy 8 inches and now sits at 6’4″. His fastball greatly increased in velocity and he developed a complete repertoire of pitches. Scouts are impressed at his full array of pitches that include a lively fastball, a 12-6 curveball, a slider/cutter and a nice changeup.

Woods-Richardson is committed to play college baseball at the University of Texas. It appears as if he will skip college and head straight into the Mets organization, but the decision is not as easy as it was for Kelenic.

Woods-Richardson will have until July 6th to decide if he will go to college and not become draft eligible until 2021 or straight into the Mets organization.

Mets Vice President of Amateur Scouting said this about Woods-Richardson:

"“He was one of the few high school pitchers — and believe it or not, there were quite a few that throw 95-plus — that had a now or present breaking pitch,”"

With this pick, the Mets continued their recent pattern of picking high school players. For the past few years, the Mets have selected college players because of their ability to quickly work through the minor leagues. It seems as if the Mets are shifting their thought process when selecting draftees. They are going for the more patient approach in hopes of obtaining better talent.