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Mets Bullpen: Who do we blame for the constant struggles?

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It’s time to point the finger and find out who should get the blame for the New York Mets bullpen struggles.

For more than a week, the New York Mets bullpen has blown leads like they’re out to set a record. A Jacob deGrom gem went wasted and a few other good outings from the starters turned into losses.

At some point, it’s time to point fingers. I believe we’ve crossed that horizon.

When a team loses as much as the Mets have, someone needs to carry the blame. In this instance, there are three specific departments who should be considered.

I won’t take into account bad luck or teams outplaying them. Job performance is the only avenue I am going to explore when throwing someone under the bus.

Who do we blame for the bullpen struggles?

The Pitchers

The easiest choice to make is to blame the bullpen itself. They are ones grabbing the baseball and throwing it. Ultimately, it’s this crop of relievers who get the blame.

Since the series against the Milwaukee Brewers, we have seen just about everyone give up a lead. Jeurys Familia and Seth Lugo have had their bad days and so have the lesser-known players.

Lefty specialist Jerry Blevins has failed numerous times to get a single out when called upon. AJ Ramos has been one of the biggest culprits over this run. An alleged injury will keep him away from the mound for at least a few weeks.

Nobody has been able to protect the lead in the late innings. Because of such limited pitch counts for the starters in this era of baseball, we’re not seeing complete games. We’re barely seeing Mets starters reach the eighth inning.

A handful of times, if they were to go the extra frame, the result may have been different. Instead, a loss went to the Mets along with an appropriately associated “BS” for blown save. I wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking the BS stood for something else. Right now, it feels like it could.