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Mets: Grading each of the 2017-2018 offseason free agent signings

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Jason Vargas F

I was tempted give the Jason Vargas signing a D- up until his start against the Milwaukee Brewers. However, after another horrific outing, I’m making him repeat whatever grade this is. Vargas gets a very unsurprising F.

Vargas pitched well against the doormat Miami Marlins. In his other four starts, though, he couldn’t have been much worse.

After missing the first few weeks of the season, Vargas returned to the mound and got clobbered. I mean, he was totally obliterated on the mound. Other than one start, there hasn’t been anything positive to say about the veteran lefty.

In Vargas’ case, I’m not sure expectations were exceedingly high. Even so, to go this long into the season with an ERA over 10.00 is disastrous.

The ceiling for him is becoming a decent fourth starter. As long as he can make a case to stay in the rotation, the Mets are getting a fair enough market value for a lefty starter. Up until now, Vargas has not looked like a big league starter. At best, he’s a Triple-A mop-up man.

Those hoping this problem rectifies itself quickly need to stop themselves. Vargas will take home $16 million guaranteed through 2020. Though they can buy him out after 2019, it’s money poorly spent.

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