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Mets: Grading each of the 2017-2018 offseason free agent signings

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Jose Reyes F

Long-suffering Mets fans may feel cheated with the way Jose Reyes has played in 2018. Once a star in Flushing, Reyes has become a small fraction of the player he once was. It’s very possible the Mets even put an end to the misery soon.

Reyes is a $2 million expense contributing nothing to the Mets. Could you believe he has a worse batting line than Lobaton? Across the board, Reyes’ numbers are utterly embarrassing.

Maybe most disappointing of all, Reyes is making errors regularly. He’s getting more playing time while Frazier works his way back and defensive flubs have already cost the Mets wins. If you can’t hit, I expect you to at least field the position properly. Reyes hasn’t and it should expel him from the team soon.

There’s not much good to say about Reyes without opening up a history book. His glory days are far in the past. Bringing him back this year is a mistake that has surely tarnished his on-field reputation.

If only all players could ride off into the sunset, baseball would be a far kinder game. When Reyes finally does, he’ll carry a report card with an F.