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Mets: Grading each of the 2017-2018 offseason free agent signings

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Adrian Gonzalez B

Let’s get some positivity in here.

The biggest surprise signing for the Mets from the winter haul is the one that gave them Adrian Gonzalez. The beaten down veteran first baseman could have just as easily retired. Instead of giving up so easily, he decided to make himself available on the market. The Mets gave him a chance and they should be glad they did.

Gonzalez is performing well below his career-averages and is easily one of the least productive first basemen in baseball. At that position, you expect a lot more.

However, for the league minimum, Gonzalez gets a very well-deserved B.

Expectations for A-Gon to do anything at all were pretty low when the year began. I wasn’t shy about criticizing the move. On paper, it looked horrible.

While I’m still not in love with the decision to sign him, there’s no denying it has worked. The Mets would have benefited far greater from a younger player, but for the price, they get a very positive report card. Only a valedictorian could feel ashamed of what Gonzalez has given this team.

Don’t expect as many kind words as we move along this list. Without spoiling too much, the Gonzalez deal is the best one the Mets made over the winter.