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New York Mets now in fight or die mode for 2018 season

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The offense is even worse.

They have been lethargic and are not hitting home runs like this team was built to do. Todd Frazier has struggled and is still on the DL. Yoenis Cespedes is struggling with leg issues once again. He has such a rocket for an arm in left field and is such a potent bat but he has to be healthy.

Michael Conforto is coming around slowly but is clearly not the same player he was last year. Hopefully, that will change soon but it’s a huge concern. Brandon Nimmo should be the everyday lead-off hitter, and Juan Lagares is having a shockingly hot start but isn’t a starting player.

Amed Rosario is finally starting to hit and lay off some pitches out of the zone, and Adrian Gonzalez has been effective but clearly is not the same offensive threat he once was. Jay Bruce also has struggled offensively as he deals with a plantar fasciitis issue.

The only consistent bright spot offensively as an everyday player is Asdrubal Cabrera. He has won games with his bat and has played a flawless second base.

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If the Mets truly expect to compete this year, drastic changes must be made now. Some of these players are going to have to get going and others are going to have to be shipped out.

Devin Mesoraco has been a nice pickup as their catcher, however, Jose Lobaton has been an automatic out and pitchers have not pitched well when he’s behind the plate.

Kevin Plawecki should return by the end of the month and should help offensively and defensively, but it’s just another glaring hole in the lineup.

Sandy Alderson’s signings

Sandy has done a poor job with his free agent signings and depleting the farm system. There aren’t many blue chip prospects that either could help the club or be trade bait. You can’t be sure exactly what positive improvements could be made just yet. However, it is still clear that Alderson has to go and they need a different direction.

Bona fide free agents have to be signed and better draft picking has to occur.

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If the Mets are still playing the same lethargic ineffective baseball by May 31, you know this season is lost. They haven’t even won two games in a row since Friday, April 13. Another Wilpon and Alderson folly.