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New York Mets now in fight or die mode for 2018 season

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Many Mets fans are comparing this season to 2015. That year, the team had a hot start and then cooled off for more than a month.

The New York Mets decided to be buyers at the deadline and acquired Yoenis Cespedes, Kelly Johnson, and Juan Uribe. The Mets got hot again and made it to the World Series.

I am not as optimistic this year. Jacob deGrom was there in 2015 but so was a dominant Matt Harvey.

This year, there are many more huge question marks and holes. The starting pitching which was the foundation for their successes has been a huge disappointment.

Jacob deGrom has had a dominant season, even with a short DL stint and Noah Syndergaard has been good enough to keep them in every game. Everyone else has been either brutal or inconsistent.

After starting the season on the DL, Jason Vargas has been dreadful in his three starts. They skipped his last start, but now he must go out and compete over his next couple of starts. If not, there will be a serious decision to make.

Matt Harvey was completely ineffective and was traded to the Cincinnati Reds.  Zack Wheeler‘s ERA is close to 6, and just when you think he turns a corner, he comes right back to Earth. Wheeler is not long for the rotation if this continues over his next couple of starts as well.

Steven Matz has pitched better lately, and hopefully, his confidence issues are a thing of the past. If not, it will be an extremely long summer for this team.