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New York Mets: Top five catchers in franchise history

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Who is the greatest catcher in New York Mets history?

The New York Mets have a history of employing really good catchers. Nearly every decade has a franchise-defining backstop.

The best Mets catchers vary in talent. Some are pure defensive captains who can occasionally pick up a big hit. Meanwhile, others relied solely on the home run ball to earn trust from the fans.

However they did it, these Mets catchers cemented themselves in the franchise history.

5) Todd Hundley

Todd Hundley’s time as the Mets catcher came sandwiched between the franchise’s best days. He debuted for the Mets in 1990 and lasted played for them in 1998. Unfortunately, this is a slight scar on an otherwise terrific run as the team’s catcher.

Although he made his MLB debut in 1990, Hundley didn’t take over the bulk of games until 1992. He started slowly with several bad years at the plate. It wasn’t until 1995 when Hundley became a threat in the lineup.

In the strike-shortened 1995 campaign, Hundley blasted 15 home runs while batting .280/.384/.484. Clearly, something clicked.

Hundley’s 1996 season is the one many remember most. His 41 home runs set a new franchise record for the most in a single-season. The performance earned Hundley his first All-Star selection. He followed up with another in 1997, again impressing us with his home run stroke.

What I like most about Hundley’s prime with the Mets is how often he played. In 1996, Hundley played 153 games. He started 142 of them behind the plate. You won’t find a catcher playing this often in today’s MLB.

Hundley’s time at the top was short-lived. However, the brilliance he displayed at the plate in a short period is more than enough to name him the franchise’s fifth greatest catcher.