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Mets: Michael Conforto to make Spring Training debut on Friday

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 17: Michael Conforto
NEW YORK, NY - JULY 17: Michael Conforto

Michael Conforto suffered a posterior capsule tear in his left shoulder on August 24, 2017.

On March 23, 2018, he’ll be playing in a big league Spring Training game with the rest of his teammates, the Mets announced late Thursday evening.

His long road back from that scary injury has left Mets fans holding their breath, expecting the worst news about their 2017 All-Star. When general manager Sandy Alderson said that Conforto would likely not be back until May 1, most of us believed he was just preparing us for worse news in the future.

Turns out Conforto has been doing a lot better than most expected.

He’s already been playing competitively, and although it’s only been in minor league games, that has to count for something. Conforto is letting his play and his bat do the talking, and that’s exactly what we want to see.

Friday afternoon’s game against the Mets’ Opening Day opponent, the St. Louis Cardinals, will be another big step for the 25-year-old outfielder. He’s going to be the designated hitter, so his play will be limited to the offensive of the ball exclusively.

The Mets only have three games remaining in their Spring Training schedule, so it would be nice to see him not only get at bats, but also get some innings out in the field as well before the team breaks north.

The timeline remains the same for Conforto: May 1 is when he’s scheduled to return. It’s hard to see that still being the case if he experiences no discomfort or setbacks. I know and understand the Mets wanting to be extra cautious with Conforto. They don’t want to risk aggravating an injury, but if he can be back mid-April, or after the first 10 games of the regular season, for example, you have to make that call and put him in the lineup

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Our boy gets to make his debut tomorrow. I’m nervous, and excited to see how he feels once the game is done. Hopefully it’s all good signs from here on out.