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Mets 2018 Preview: Which player is most likely to surprise?

ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 09: Matt Harvey
ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 09: Matt Harvey /
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MIAMI, FL – JUNE 29: Yoenis Cespedes
MIAMI, FL – JUNE 29: Yoenis Cespedes /

Don’t take Yo for granted.

Michael Carballeira, Contributor

Each season comes with its highs and its lows; it also comes with many surprises. Some are good surprises and some are bad surprises but one player that I believe will have a huge season is the same man that helped lead the Mets back to the postseason in 2015 and that is Yoenis Cespedes.

Cespedes had a down year last season as he dealt with a hamstring injury the majority of the season. The injury never healed and a reason many believe why is due to the heavy weightlifting he did last winter. To help deal with staying healthy Cespedes took a new approach this winter. He started with lessening the heavy weightlifting and also added yoga into his routine. Cespedes believes he needs to be more flexible as he used to be if he wants to get back on the field and not worry about the hamstring.

Last season was the first of his entire career that he did not play at least 100 games. Cespedes’ play after being traded to the Mets jumpstarted a World Series run and all the coaches, players, and fans know that Yo needs to be there every night if they have any hope at a run like that again.

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Not only did he switch his routine but there is a whole new medical staff for this club. If he could be there all season then expect Cespedes to get back to his old, more flexible self not only at-bat but in the field as well. When asked about what he expects for this season Cespedes had this to say:

"“I have goals for long term and short term, but it is the same. I want to be an MVP, that hasn’t changed. Last season I wasn’t lucky, because I got hurt. But this is my main goal, to become an MVP.”"

If Cespedes can get back to an MVP caliber season, which I believe he will, then this team should have playoffs on their mind and to battle for that division crown.