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Mets: Syndergaard dazzles in spring debut


“You’ve been…Thunderstruck!”

It’s hard not to hear the classic AC/DC jam playing in your head every time Noah Syndergaard takes the mound.  Flashbacks to Opening Day last year come to mind. Citi Field chanting “Thunder!” in unison as Syndergaard came sprinting out on to the field. And making his spring debut against the Astros today, Thor looked better than ever.

He made it look easy. As though hitting 100mph was just the natural speed that the ball should be coming out of his hand. But Thor’s fastball wasn’t the only thing on display this afternoon. His filthy slider made the first appearance of the spring as well. Clocking in at a whopping 90mph. Six up and six down, with two strikeouts. You couldn’t have asked for a better two innings.

It’s easy to be cynical since it’s still so early on. But we should take this debut as an encouraging sign of things to come. Syndergaard came into Spring Training this year with more of a focus on flexibility rather than muscle mass. It showed. His movement on the mound looked spectacular. And if he’s able to sustain that form and stay healthy this year the Mets are going to be far more dangerous than expected.

I mean, just ask George Springer how he felt about that first pitch:

Thor wasted no time increasing the speed on that deadly slider as well:

It seems like Thor picked up right where he left off at the end of last year. Making his final short starts in September. Starts, that left us all nostalgic for what could have been last season, and at the same time begging for more.

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Our long wait is finally over. Hopefully, this continues to be a sign of things to come. And before we know it, we’ll be seeing that lightning over the course of a full game.