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Mets pitching coach Dave Eiland wants to bring 2013 Matt Harvey back

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 16: National League All-Star Matt Harvey
NEW YORK, NY - JULY 16: National League All-Star Matt Harvey /

If Matt Harvey gets anywhere near his 2013 level, the Mets are going to win the National League East this season.

I don’t mean to get everyone’s hopes and expectations up, but pitching coach Dave Eiland just uttered a few words that will get every Mets fan excited about Harvey’s potential this season.

Speaking on Wednesday morning in Port St. Lucie, Eiland noted that he’s identified some mechanical issues that the former Dark Knight had acquired the past couple of seasons. He called them “bad habits” that could have propped up due to Harvey overcompensating for his injuries.

Typically, pitchers want to be able to use their lower half to give them extra power coming off the mound and towards the plate, but when done improperly, you can obviously overdo it as well.

Harvey and Eiland have already discussed these issues and have begun working on straightening them out early on. The Mets new pitching coach is putting his sights up high for Matt, and that’s exactly what we’re hoping for.

"“To get him back to the level of 2013, certainly that’s our goal. We’ll see where it takes us. He’s healthy. He’s done his work this winter. He’s in good shape physically and mentally.”"

Ah, 2013 Matt Harvey. It feels like an eternity ago, even though it’s been just five years.

Harvey is coming off a career-worst season in 2017. After posting an absolutely terrible 6.70 ERA in just 19 games, and being again hit by the injury bug, it’s fair to say Harvey is looking at one of his last chances to prove he still has something left in the tank.

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With free agency looming after this season, Harvey will surely be looking to have one of the best bounce-back seasons in memory. I’ve already picked him as my National League Comeback Player of the Year award winner, so I’m already liking where this spring is starting. Here’s hoping Eiland and Harvey can work together to bring at least a shadow of his former self to the mound every fifth day.