Mets: A look at the infield for 2018

By Richard Heaton
LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 05: Adrian Gonzalez
LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 05: Adrian Gonzalez /
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Frazier will probably be the toughest to predict because of how different each season was in terms of different stats. For example, home runs. He hit 27 home runs last season split between the White Sox and Yankees.

Over the 4 seasons before, Frazier’s home run output had ranged from less than 19 to 40. The same goes for his batting average, in which he hit anywhere between .213 and .273 over the course of 4 seasons.

The only aspect of his career which seemed to stay consistent was his ability to drive runners in, as his RBI range is between 70 and 100. His average started to rise as he played for the Yankees but not by much and we shouldn’t expect a lot out of this category.

On the other hand, if the Mets use him as much as he was used before 2017, the team could get a lot of power out of him. He hit 27 home runs while getting about 100 fewer PA’s than previous seasons.

A fair prediction for Frazier if he’s a starter the whole season would be a .225 average and 30 home runs.He should also be able to reach 80 runs and RBI’s. He won’t get close to his 2014-2016 numbers in stolen bases but should be able to steal between 5 and 8 bases.