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Mets: Josh Harrison wants to play for a winner


Josh Harrison has made it clear this morning that he would like to play for a contender.

And why wouldn’t he? Two of his closest friends and best players on the Pirates have just gone to teams who plan to contend next season. Harrison is in the prime of his career so it makes sense that he would want the same. Which means the Mets are going to have some serious work to do to get him.

What does this mean for the Amazins’?

Based on recent reports, it seems that the Mets are still interested in trading for Harrison. According to The Athletic, the Yankees and Brewers are also on that list. If they’re going to make a play for Harrison, they’re going to need to show him that they plan on contending in 2018.

The Yankees have prospects to give, and the allure of that powerhouse of a lineup with the addition of Giancarlo Stanton. The Brewers are coming off a successful season as well finishing second in the NL Central at 86-76. They’re going after free agents like Jake Arrieta and Mike Moustakas.

While the Mets are going to have to scrounge around looking for who they can trade to the Pirates, as well as convince Harrison that their 70-92 season was just a fluke. A bout of bad luck brought on by injuries that were beyond their control. Their business model as a team doesn’t exactly sell itself like the Yankees does. It’s hard to sell yourselves as a contender when there are still so many “maybes” floating around.

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Realistically speaking, Harrison’s statement doesn’t foster much hope that the Mets will end up signing him. Prepare yourselves for that now.  That way, if they do manage to swing some miracle deal for him, it will just end up as a pleasant surprise.